Ice Jam Flooding on White River

Ice Jam Flooding on White River

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The change since my last visit is incredible! The entire floodplain is covered with water now, and the ditches are full — up to the white median line. All this happened almost overnight. Actually, I think the flooding might have been over the road last night, by the look of things. The river is choked with chunks of ice, so water the color of milky-tea is boiling up and detouring into the fields.

According to the National Weather Service, the Flood Warning (actively flooding) for the White River continues, and the worst stretch is right here from Kadoka and Interior on down to small towns of the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Speaking of Pine Ridge: every place as its own unique soundtrack. When I’m not listening to wind whoooing over the grasses, ice boooming or creaking, or the gurg-gurgle of meltwater, I’m tuned to Kili Radio, the “Voice of the Lakota” —- a truly unique radio station broadcasting from the Pine Ridge (which is located south of here, near the South Unit of the Badlands). They have a web-stream, if anyone is interested. Depending on who is the DJ, you’ll hear rock, native music, local sports, or local announcements (lots of dedications, requests and shout-outs). Give a listen!

Here’s a better description of Kili (pronounced “KEE-lee”):   “the largest Indian-owned and operated public radio station in America. We broadcast in English and Lakota 22 hours each day to homes on three reservations in the Black Hills.”

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