Select Poems

The following works by Kathleen M. Heideman are available online:

Certain Things You Should Know About Rusty (+ Audio)
Published in The Maynard.

Red Cloud Keeps Saying “Hush”
Published in Burningword.

Briar Rose, Marsh Woman, et al.
A Passionate Collector of Buttons
Published in Wicked Alice.

National Poetry Month, April 8 2016:
Kathleen Heideman reading two poems (Audio)
Public Radio 90, WNMU FM Marquette MI

Coast Guard Station: Beach Patrol Reenactment
Why I Want To Be A Park Ranger When I Grow Up
O Give Me Land — Lots of Land
Published on the National Park Service website.

Why I Want To Be A Park Ranger When I Grow Up (Audio)
Published on the Badlands National Park website.

A Woman in a Barrel, About To Go Over Niagara Falls
Published in Three Candles Literary Journal.

Overlooked Heroine, Landscape with the Fall of Icarus
Published in decomP literary magazine.

Come Sunday, the dog of his thoughts will bury something unspeakable in your muddy garden
Published in 100 Words (Vol.5, No.6), U.of Iowa International Writing Program.

How We Reached Metéora
Published in Fringe Magazine.

Broken Bone Choker
Published in Switched-on Gutenberg (Vol.3, No.2, “Frida y Diego/Diego y Frida”)

How Top-Secret Warheads Were Moved
As published in The Tonopah Review: A Quarterly Journal of Prose and Poetry (2008):
How Top-Secret Warheads Were Moved (a poem by Kathleen M. Heideman)











Attending Every Tiny Funeral
As published in the Marquette Monthly (2014); winner of the Second Annual U.P. Nature Writing Contest, sponsored by North Country Publishing and Falling Rock Café and Bookstore.

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