An evening of brilliant moments — NIGHT! DARKNESS! I went out for a beer at the Dux-de-Lux, in the Christchurch Arts Centre — we sat outside without coats or gloves — no frostbite! ; )


Dux de Lux, Christchurch

Others from the ice (scientists from South Pole, retrograding ASTRO telescope) were also there. A sparrow sat on the edge of my table, begging for crumbs from the appetizer. We walked to a Thai restaurant (Mythai), and discovered there were others from the Ice there as well — including John Priscu and Mark Wells. Ordered seafood and it arrived clearly fresh, not frozen-and-fried. Then, believe it or not, the sun — gasp — set. Really. It went down, the light got dim, and then it disappeared entirely.

I am tempted to stay up, and peek outside occasionally to see whether the sun pops back up while my back is turned. Rumor has it that it will return by breakfast time! I’ll keep you posted…

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