New – Yellow Dog Postcard

Fresh from the press: a new postcard depicting my 2012 watercolor, “Marsh Lake Wetlands.”

“Marsh Lake” is the nickname for a lovely, remote lake in the Yellow Dog Plains watershed. No roads lead to it, so it remains seemingly timeless and unaffected by humans, although because it is a shallow wetlands-fed lake, it is also vulnerable to larger surrounding issues of commercial forestry, climate change (drought) and mineral exploitation in the area. Still… it remains a spot where eagle feathers collect beneath a great sentinel pine, beaver lodges dot the water, and moose groom the trails. Next year, I plan to camp along that quiet shoreline.

PS: Am I the only one who still loves sending and receiving handwritten postcards? One wonders how long the post office will bother selling postcard stamps in a world where most images are sent as bundled pixels…

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