Stagecoach Hot Springs

Taking advantage of a gorgeous, sunny, windless day, I took a scenic drive out to the Rio Grande gorge, north of the famous gorge bridge (near Arroyo Hondo) with two fellow residents. We hiked down the gorge to visit the Stagecoach Hot Springs (so named because the remains of an old stagecoach road are visible, zig-zagging down the opposite wall of the gorge). At the bottom, the crumbling stone walls of a former “bath house” built at the hot springs are also apparent. There are two hot springs pools, one warmer than the other —- neither was super HOT but very relaxing, especially given the incredible view of the Rio Grande gorge-bottom in either direction.

Stagecoach Hot Springs
Stagecoach Hot Springs
Stagecoach Hot Springs
Old Stagecoach Road
Stagecoach Hot Springs

The next morning, I discovered that one of my rear tires was entirely deflated, and I called AAA to get it swapped for my spare. I hoped it was a nail hole, but when I went to get it patched today, it turns out to be a sidewall puncture, so I guess I will need to replace it a new tire. Sigh….. (sound of escaping air).


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