Last night I attended a screening of GasLand — this stellar and frankly terrifying documentary about the implications of the current “full speed ahead damn the environmental impact” mindset of the natural gas industry in the US. There are numerous and heart-sickening parallels to the situation in Upper Michigan’s fight over sulfide mining … especially groundwater and watershed vulnerabilities and the lack of regulation and EPA enforcement. Watching this film will be an eye-opening experience, I promise. In both oil-gas and sulfide mining, the approach seems to be drill first and accept token fines later with no serious accountability, poor disclosure of industrial methods, lots of corporate PR statements using the words “clean” and “American” and precious little concern for citizens, small communities, wildlife or the very air and water that sustain ALL life. Ironically, the filmmaker was turned down by DOZENS of oil-gas companies as he tried to get interviews, ask questions and gather information —- yet if one searches google for the word “gasland” the top hit is a PAID oil-gas-lobby site which claims they want to provide the public with objective information and “have a conversation about the real facts of natural gas.” Odd that these same folks didn’t want to speak to the filmmaker when he was begging for interviews! The film left me weeping and very angry. I urge you to see it and spread the word:

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