State of Emergency – Emergence

Taos Mountain

Day 6 of the “State of Emergency” in Taos — it might be over today, officially. The casitas at the Wurlitzer Foundation were restored to service (hot water, heat) yesterday and I’m guessing everyone celebrated with a hot shower or (like me) a long hot bath. Still, some residents remain *without* natural gas, and now we are getting a winter storm – up to a foot of snow forecast for this elevation, followed by -20 temperature later tonight – so my heart goes out to those who are still waiting for reconnection. It has been fascinating to watch the reactions of locals. Big talk today is pretty much “LET’S ALL GO SOLAR, screw gas.” Just as the gas crisis was ending, there were also some electrical outages today.

Fans of the old show Northern Exposure would seriously enjoy listening to our local radio station, KTAO, SOLAR RADIO 101 (which can be heard online if you have the correct browser plug-in). #$%^&* fascinating and slice-of-life listening experience, with real local personalities.
Taos State of Emergency - Day 5

This lovely gas worker came from north of New Orleans to help with the emergency situation in Taos.  We were reconnected to natural gas yesterday (Day 5 of the State of Emergency which nobody seems to have heard about elsewhere in the country).  Here:   pilots were relit for our hot water and hot-water radiators! I celebrated with a long hot bath (in the evening).

Taos State of Emergency - Day 5

Manuscript Chaos: State of "Emergence"

Making stew to celebrate the stove


View from laundry room

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