To Re-imagine the Place of Humans….

While perusing (: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments) , I spotted a photograph from my recent writer’s residency at Andrews Experimental Forest, incorporated as a sidebar illustration for a thoughtful guest editorial by Kathleen Dean Moore, founding director of the Spring Creek Project!  What a lovely surprise!

Here’s my favorite passage  from Moore’s editorial:

Change happens slowly, I had thought, and it surrounds us and carries us, so we don’t notice the motion any more than we sense the turning of the Earth. But recently, I have had second thoughts, because I believe I can feel the Earth shifting under my feet. Or maybe it’s a rising wave I sense—the anticipatory slowing as the water lifts, the deafening noise from the frayed and scattering forward edge, the sudden speed and the uneasy certainty that things fall away, always, and that we are tumbling toward the end of something and the beginning of something undetermined.

Read the full article (w/my photo): Guest Editorial : To Re-imagine the Place of Humans in the Natural World, by Kathleen Dean Moore :

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