Operation Migration

A glimpse of Operation Migration

On Friday morning, I watched spellbound as two tiny “ultralight” planes flew low over the refuge, leading their young whooping cranes on a practice flight. Actually, I was watching through field binoculars, and nearly forgot to grab my camera. Note: these cranes are raised by handlers dressed in crane costumes. The pilots, too, are dressed to appear as cranes. Migration to Florida will start soon…..

A glimpse of Operation Migration

Operation Migration folks are busy working out the kinks before the pilot-led migration begins. For example: this crane (nicknamed “Spooky”) has not quite learned to stay in formation with the rest of his cohorts….

A glimpse of Operation Migration

Originally scheduled for October 1, then the 5th, the Operation Migration might leave on Thursday October 7th at this point. Stay tuned! I certainly hope to watch their departure!

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