Celebrating National Parks Week!

In honor of both National-Parks-Week and April-as-National-Poetry-Month, my audio poem “Why I Want To Be a Park Ranger When I Grow Up” (plus a watercolor sketch depicting the wall of Saddle Pass, from my residency at Badlands National Park) are currently featured on the National Parks Traveler website.  Please share with all the inspiring park rangers in your life!

Wall of Saddle Pass

In honor of National Parks Week, I’ve just read T. H. Watkin’s book Stone Time (Southern Utah: A Portrait and a Meditation), and Jon Luoma’s The Hidden Forest, which focuses on forest research being conducted in the Andrews Experimental Forest and other National Forest research stations. I’ve also downloaded dozens of brochures from the many National Parks, National Monuments and National Forests I’ll be visiting in May and June, and I’ve installed the “Park Maps” app on my new iPod Touch (the program contains a lot of popular park maps, but just the tip of the NPS/NFS iceberg, and no BLM maps at all).

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