Sacred and Profane

Sacred Circle, as seen in Googlemap

Comparing two aerial images from the Badlands, viewed via GoogleMap. One is a bombing target carved into the earth by the military (the bottom portion of the target is less visible, so it may be grazed now, and if so, I am guessing there is a cattle-fence running through the center of the old target). The other location is a Sundance (ceremonial) site. Sacred and Profane; within field-glass view of each other.  It is hard to shift our perspectives.  Try walking around all day looking at the world through a magnifying glass.  The fact that we can see our daily terrain from the perspective of plane-photos and satellite imagery is really a major paradigm-shift. Here is an aerial view of the Minuteman Missile Silo I visited, just north of the Badlands…. and the aerial view of a Badlands prairie dog town. I am really amazed that all of these patterns are so strikingly visible at such distances.

Cold War, as seen in Googlemap

Prairie Dog Town, as seen in GoogleMaps

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