Reading List

Quick post to share a bibliography — what the poet has been reading — from the past month.  Rich grist for the poetry mill!  Some of these books are my own, but most are from the park’s library. I must return them next week; I feel like a traveling monk surrounded by manuscripts in a distant abbey’s library, furiously reading before he must leave. I know I promised to send specific titles to various people (who want to look for them at their local libraries), but here’s the complete list instead. Gusty morning here, but it promises to be another gorgeous day in the Badlands! Putting the books down, and heading outside.

  • • Anderson, Bridget. What Fossils Tell Us: The History of Life (World of Science: Come Learn with Me). Hong Kong: Lickle Publishing, 2003.
  • • Black Bear, Sr., Ben, and R. D. Theisz. Songs and Dances of the Lakota. 2nd Printing ed. Aberdeen, South Dakota: North Plains Press, 1984.
  • • Brown, Dee. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West. New York: Holt Paperbacks, 2007.
  • Depostional Environments, Lithostratigraphy, and Biostratigraphy of the White River and Arikaree Groups; Late Eocene to Early Miocene, North America. (Special Paper # 325, Geological Society of America). Austin, Texas: Geological Society Of America, 1998.
  • • Gries, John Paul. Roadside Geology of South Dakota (Roadside Geology Series) (Roadside Geology Series). 1st Edition ed. Missoula, MT: Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1996.
  • • Hauk, Joy Keve. Badlands: Its Life and Landscape. 1969. Reprint, Seattle: Badlands Natural History Association, 2006.
  • • Harksen, J. C. Guidebook to the major Cenozoic deposits of southwestern South Dakota (South Dakota Geological Survey Guidebook). Vermillion, South Dakota: Science Center, University Of South Dakota, 1969.
  • • Herring, Scott. Lines on the Land: Writers, Art, and the National Parks. Charlottesville, Virginia: University Press of Virginia, 2004.
  • • Jaffe, Mark. Gilded Dinosaur: The Fossil War Between E.D. Cope and O.C. Marsh. New York: Crown, 2000.
  • • Johnson, Morris D. Black and White Spy: The Magpie. Honolulu, 1988.
  • • Meade, Dorothy C. Heart Bags & Hand Shakes: The Story of the Cook Collection. 1st ed. Lake Ann, MI: National Woodlands Publishing Company, 1994.
  • • Miller, Lenore Hendler. The Nature Specialist: A Complete Guide to Program and Activities. Martinsville, Indiana: American Camping Association, 1986.
  • • Moore, George William. Uranium-bearing Sandstone in the White River Badlands, Pennington County, South Dakota (Geological Survey circular). Denver: U.S. Dept. Of The Interior, Geological Survey, 1955.
  • • Neihardt, John G. (Flaming Rainbow). The Twilight of the Sioux: The Song of the Indian Wars, The Song of the Messiah (Volume II of A Cycle of the West). Cambridge, MA: Univ. Of Nebraska Press, 1971.
  • • Neihardt, John G. Black Elk Speaks. Toronto, Canada: Bison Books, 1988.
  • • Prothero, Donald R. The Eocene-Oligocene Transition. Columbia: Columbia University Press, 1994.
  • • Retallack, Gregory J. A Colour Guide to Paleosols. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997.
  • • Retallack, Gregory J. Soils of the Past. 2 ed. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2001.
  • • Schumm, Stanley Alfred. Evolution of Drainage Systems and Slopes in Badlands at Perth Amboy, New Jersey. New York: Dept. Of Geology, Columbia University, 1954.
  • • Serrell, Beverly. Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press, 1996.
  • • Sheire, James W. The Badlands: Historical Basic Data Study. New York: Department of the Interior, Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation, 1969.
  • • Turnbull, David. Maps Are Territories: Science in an Atlas. Westport, CT: Hyperion Books, 1995.
  • • Wood, Denis. The Power of Maps. New York: The Guilford Press, 1992.

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