Google + Map + Image

Tonight, still searching for the answer to my photo-mapping needs, I found that I *was* able to create a KML file from my Flickr photos, and view it in GoogleEarth, thanks to a nifty script created by Adam Franco. For those unfamiliar with KML (keyhole markup language), these files contain “geolocated” data (think: Flickr photos with geotags). KML files can be opened using GoogleEarth, and viewed as points on a globe. If you haven’t personally experimented with GoogleEarth, you’re missing an amazing tool, a 3D browser which allows you to zoom “from space to street level.” Download this KML file if you would like to see my photos in Google Earth, and explore them on a 3D terrain!

I’ve tested several times — basic, but working great!


After verifying that the KML file works, and contains ALL the photos (as of 3-25-10), I also imported it into a traditional (2D) GoogleMap. On the GoogleMap, every photo becomes a linked place, listed in the left-hand sidebar. You can click a photo, and the map will relocate to show you the photo’s location. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many items can be listed, so you need to scroll down the list, and click to see the next page. I believe there are 8 pages. Here’s that map, set to initially show the locations of photos from page 4, just to get you started. Enjoy!

If you’d like to view all pages, here’s the direct link:

View “A Book Made of Soil” photos as a GoogleMap

Again, feedback will be welcomed.

Bonus for those unfamiliar with GoogleEarth: here’s a youtube video created by the multimedia gurus at Backpacker Magazine, featuring a spectacular hike in the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. The live video clips are spliced with movie clips recorded in GoogleEarth, moving the viewer quickly through and into the 3D terrain being discussed. Great little video, I’m sure you’ll agree!

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