Real Badlands Tourists!

Braking for Reflections!
Sundown, BadlandsSundown, Badlands

Tourists return to Saddle Pass, like the swallows to Capistrano!

You know, this residency has been very unusual for me, in terms of meeting park visitors. I see them driving by, or pausing to take photos, but there are few conversations. For example: as I was preparing my supplies this afternoon at the Saddle Pass trailhead, a car drove up next to me, and the passenger window rolled down. The young woman held up her camera and said nothing. She took a photo of the overlit formations. Hi! I said to the woman inside. Her husband clicked the door lock button, she said nothing, rolled up her window, and they drove away to take the next photo. It was a bit demoralizing. But later, while sketching up on the horn of the Saddle, I met an amusing fellow from Toronto, who stopped to joke about how hard he’d been breathing on the hike up, and we talked about road trips. When I finally hiked down, I met more folks: the Euro guy in blue (left, photo above), and these three hikers from New Hampshire (right, photo above). They were all very interesting and we had a real conversation. It really must be spring! Tourists getting out of their cars, sage brush and grass greening out, and the best news of all: SPRING PEEPERS ARE SINGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, not many of them, but there are a few, and they’re peeping!

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