Cedar Pass: Vernal Equinox

Badlands: Golden Hour

Cedar Pass just BEFORE SUNSET…………. Cedar Pass DURING SUNSET!

Position is slightly different in the second photo because I realized the grasses were just as brilliant as the stone, and hiked out into the field.  But the ridge is the same (Millard Ridge high above the Ben Reifel Visitor Center).

Patience is key.  I was recently talking to my mom, reminiscing about family vacations, and I realized that “waiting for sunset” at a scenic overlook was probably not something we ever did, during road trips, when I was growing up.  Whatever the light was, that’s what was recorded in our family photo album!  To give you a sense of the timing, I checked my camera’s time/date stamp, and those two photos were taken exactly 30 minutes apart.  I’m not claiming that any of my photos represent something more than personal memories or documentary evidence of creative process.  I know real, professional photographers.  My photos are snapshots.  BUT:  everyone does it.  One of the things I’ve been most shocked by, on this trip, is realizing that everyone is taking crappy little pictures with their cellphones.  Everywhere you go, there are young men and women holding their phones out car windows, or just in front of themselves, as though sharing the feast of a sublime view with a tiny, starving friend — “no, no, you eat first.” It is also good to see that even people holding expensive cameras can be dumb, doing things like snapping photos through their front windows with the flash going off.   ; )

Since today is Vernal Equinox, and all about LIGHT (equal amounts of light and dark), I just wanted to spend a little time focusing on light, and all the wonderful things it does in collaboration with stone.


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