Sunset Glow on the Badlands

#21 Sunset Glow on the Badlands Originally uploaded by miss_distance

Badlands National Monument: View-Master Reel Three, Image #21

I’ve just digitized 21 scenes from my husband’s vintage View-Master slides — a memento from his own childhood trip to the Badlands with his family, in the summer of 1969. He has a vintage red plastic viewer.  To be honest, it was a bit difficult scanning these images, since the film images are eensy-weentsy, and the paper reels are circular (meaning they wouldn’t fit in my scanner’s film holder, so each needed to be cropped and straightened manually.  But I just love them.   And it was worthwhile, in an archival sense:  some of the paper View-Master reels are coming unglued, allowing the films to fall out.  Now at least the images have been saved, and we can continue to enjoy them.

“VIEW-MASTER REELS — add the realism of stereo to the beauty of color to make pictures COME TO LIFE! Each Packet contains three 7-scene Reels — or twenty-one full-color three-dimension pictures!”

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