The Antarctic: from the Circle to the Pole

A terrific new book has just been published: THE ANTARCTIC: FROM THE CIRCLE TO THE POLE — Photographs by Stuart D. Klipper. Stuart is my Antarctic friend & mentor who has been to the ice multiple times, five times through the National Science Foundation’s Artists & Writers program. Minnesota Public Radio ran a short segment announcing Stuart’s new book, for which they interviewed Stuart (and me!). Here is a link to the MPR website, featuring audio of the interview as it aired yesterday morning, a text version of the same, and 8 photos from Stuart’s new book.  There’s also an audio file of me reading one of my Antarctic poems (“Human, considering the Polar Plateau”).

Picturing the Cold

Here’s a link to Stuart’s new book, on Amazon:

PS: Rumor has it that Stuart’s new book is mentioned in the newest issue of Oprah’s “O Magazine” with a blurb & a photo!  Oprah says:  get your Christmas shopping done early!!


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