Without a Doubt

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Having just returned from an overnight excursion out to Doubtful Sound (actually, it is a true glacier-carved fiord) in the fiordlands of southern NZ, I must say that the experience left me nearly *speechless* — and not just me, but everyone who was on the trip with me. We all parted just raving about how fantastic it was. I can’t say enough great things about the landscape, and the company (Real Journeys) who handled every detail with grace, intelligence, and care. Doubtful Sound (famous for getting 7 METERS of rain per year) is one of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen, and certainly ranks up there with any famous National Park in the U.S…. and it gave us a variety of weather, from snow to downpouring rain to light drizzling mists to gray driving sleet, strong winds, and brilliant sunshine!!!! We saw fur seals, and bottle nose dolphins (twice), not to mention the most magnificent terrain. I was awe-struck throughout the trip. My internet extortion-device says I have already raved about Doubtful Sound for almost 15 minutes and it will soon go poof — $2 internet. Ugh. Must send now.


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