Remnant stands

Hiking this morning in the foothills of the mountains, above Hamner Springs. Conical Hill path, Majuba Track, and a Woodlands path, looping back down to town. New Zealand’s native forests were mostly deforested in the 1800’s, with some notable exceptions and remote slopes. I hiked up through giant trees northwest of the town, but they are actually a “reserve” of timber – a hillside that was replanted at the turn of the century. It is always wonderful to hike beneath the great bones of hundred year old trees, including lots of great pines of various types — the slopes above Hamner were largely replanted, and have been “managed” — meaning one see’s a lot of clear cuts from the lookout vista at the top. The streams running down from the mountains are still clean, though, and instead of cat-tail reeds, a sort of agave-looking plant of great size grows in the low land where Dog Creek flows. I hiked along Dog Creek for a while — the flower stalks of the reeds are twice as tall as me, like yucca, and brilliant red.

2 thoughts on “Remnant stands

  1. Hello: I just found your website, and would like to have your permission to link to it. I would also love to use some of the photos on an educational CD-ROM I’m making for the McM-LTER. It’ll be provided at no cost to teachers and others upon request.

    I’m primarily interested in showing the differences in the Taylor Glacier, and particularly Blood Falls, since I was there in Dec. 2003. But there are other photos that would be good for some of the explanations (about katabatics, and in situ measurements in the ice, etc.

    I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures and will read more of the posts as time permits.

    Thanks for considering it, and best wishes for a wonderful journey!


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