Right Place @ Right Time

This morning I repacked my pack, and decided to leave several things behind in Christchurch, rather than haul them all over New Zealand on my back. One item which caused some agony was my laptop — but I decided to ditch it. From now on, I’m relying on internet cafes, bus schedules, and two feet.

Christchurch pavement

I took a city bus back out to the International Antarctic Centre by the Airport, so that I could dump the extra baggage into the duffel bag I’m already storing at CDC (all my personal items from Antarctica). While I’m out here, I decided to put out some feelers about the Nathaniel B. Palmer — how can I talk to the captain, is there a number where I can call the ship, etc. I got the name and number of the MPC onboard, Alice, and called her — explained that I just got back from the Ice, and asked about a tour (said I knew I couldn’t just show up on the dock and expect to see the ship).

After a few questions, she let me know that a group of CDC staff will be departing for a 2 PM tour, and suggested that I talk to the Antarctic Program staff, to get added to their van. Leighton, the very helpful fellow who manages the Travel Services office, did just that! What a terrific break. I am headed in to Lyttleton with their shuttle soon.

Gorgeous sunshine today — perhaps NZ’s recent streak of gray rainy weather is breaking for the best. My old pal, the full moon, paid me a visit last night. Such a sight for sore eyes! Felt like I haven’t seen the moon in forever. I spotted it, rising like a giant egg through thunderheads, over downtown Christchurch, and I became quite ecstatic!

One thought on “Right Place @ Right Time

  1. I can just see you pulling an AG Pym–We’ll be looking for you as the NBP pulls into MCM. And if you do stow away, be sure to pack your Poe for the long days hiding below deck.


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