Castle Rock 360

Castle Rock – panoramic view from top (QuickTime movie)

Warning: Dramamine recommended before viewing!

Sorry the audio is really poor (wind) and my video is shaky too… but hopefully the abundance of wide vistas of bluish nada will help you appreciate the experience of standing atop Castle Rock. Landscape features are glimpsed or mentioned in the following order (counter-clockwise, of course):

Windless Bight (Ross Sea Ice Shelf)
Mt. Terror (Ross Island)
Mt. Erebus (“”)
Mt. Bird (“”)
Dellbridge Islands (Razorback, Tent, Inaccessible)
Erebus Ice Tongue
McMurdo Sound of Ross Sea (Sea Ice)
Victoria Land, Cape Roberts
Dry Valleys (Olympus & Asgard Range Mountains)
Royal Society Range
Dailey Islands
Mt. Discovery
Dirty Ice, Ice Shelf
Black Island
White Island
Back to (Ross Sea Ice Shelf)

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