Andrill & Cape Adare

For those who asked for more info about Cape Adare –

Satellite image of Cape Adare

Panorama image from Cape Adare

Cape Adare – Antarctic Specially Protected Area – Historic Hut

Cape Adare – Penguin Colony in the news

ANDRILL Project Info

“Drilling for a sedimentary history of climate change adjacent to the Earth’s largest ice sheet will reveal a lot about how the Antarctic region responded in the past, and may respond in the future, to climate perturbations like global warming,” said UNL micropaleontologist David Harwood, director of the ANDRILL Science Management Office. “A team of 100 international scientists will work to establish how fast, how frequent, and how large were the past changes in the Antarctic ice sheet. The past will reveal much about the future and Antarctica’s role in the global climate machine, which affects all of us.”



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