Before I forget, this eclectic scene unfolded in the McMurdo Galley at mid-rats (a meal at midnight for the hard working night-shift folks). I attended mid-rats because I missed all other meals on Monday, and sat at a table discussing formal poetry with two other writers:

– “I can send you some examples of triolets, if you’re interested.”
– “Sestina —- there were some great examples in that book, H.”
– “Ghazals — guzzles? —- I’ve never heard of them. Are you making it up?”

Suddenly from the next table over, a tall young man behind interrupted, quite incredulously: “excuse me — but — are you discussing flowery forms of English verse!?”

Totally made my day.

Turns out that his name is Jeffrey Klein, he works in the kitchen, and he loves poetry. Enthusiastically suggested that we try to get everyone at McMurdo writing villanelles. He has since shared some examples of ghazals (“Florida Ghazals” – by one of his favorite poets, Spencer Reece).

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